Red Dot Award

品牌 & Communication Design

Every year since 1993, international agencies, designers 和 companies have been invited to take part in the Red Dot Award: 品牌 & Communication Design. The Red Dot Jury assesses br和s 和 communication design works.

Call for Entries

The registration phase for the Red Dot Award: 品牌 & Communication Design 2022 has started.

品牌 和 communication design projects can be registered up to 和 including 17 June 2022. Dates 和 entry fees for the registration can be found on the respective pages:

About the competition

In 2019, the Red Dot Award: Communication Design was renamed the Red Dot Award: 品牌 & Communication Design. This new direction gives br和s a bigger platform in the competition for communication design, 和 the competition breaks down into the following two sections:


Focus on br和s

Companies in the manufacturing 和 service industries can have their integrated br和 presence assessed.

Industry label for maximum visibility

If a br和 wins a distinction, it can advertise using a winner label that is customised to the respective industry in which the br和 operates.

Communication Design

Focus on projects 和 campaigns

设计师, agencies 和 companies can choose from 18 communication design categories in which to enter their completed projects 和 campaigns.

Distinctions for good design 和 creativity

设计师, agencies 和 companies can win the following distinctions for their completed projects 和 creative campaigns.

Winners' Benefits

Visibility, valuable industry contacts 和 moments to celebrate with the entire team – these are the Winners’ Benefits you can look forward to if you are successful in the Red Dot Award: 品牌 & Communication Design:

  • Global visibility 和 awareness of your project 和 your br和 across different sectors
  • Enhanced reputation 和 image gain
  • Content for marketing 和 corporate communications
  • Access to an international community of designers, producers 和 potential customers
  • Global perception as an attractive employer

Red Dot Jury

All of the jurors for the Red Dot Award: 品牌 & Communication Design are rich in experience 和 expertise. Every year, the international experts make a pivotal contribution to the quality of the Red Dot Label. Informed by the motto “In search of good design 和 creativity”, the Red Dot Jury assesses the quality of the entries 和 decides on the distinctions to be awarded.

You can meet the Red Dot Jury 2022 在这里.

Award ceremony

Red Dot Gala & 设计师’ Night

On 28 October 2022, the winners will be celebrated in Berlin as part of the Red Dot Gala 和 the 设计师’ Night. Details of the award ceremony for the Red Dot Award: 品牌 & Communication Design 2022 will be released soon.

Red Dot Celebration

The winners’ success will be celebrated not only during the Red Dot Gala but also online – on the Red Dot website 和 all other Red Dot channels.

We have put together the highlights of the Red Dot Celebration 2021 for you 在这里.

Honouring the Red Dot: Agency of Year

The title of honour “Red Dot: Agency of the Year” is awarded annually to an agency that has won over the jurors for the Red Dot Award with its outst和ing design quality. The agency will have demonstrated above-average design achievements either in the current competition or over a period of several years. The title is conferred at the Red Dot Gala in Berlin 和 marks the high point of the award ceremony. You can see all past laureates in our Hall of Fame.

Red Dot: Junior Prize

The winner of the Red Dot: Junior Prize is also announced during the Red Dot Gala. The distinction comes with prize money of 10,000 euros 和 is awarded to the project that st和s out most in the Red Dot: Junior Award.


We have put together a list of frequently asked questions for the Red Dot: 品牌 & Communication Design that you can quickly read in our 常见问题.

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